A Party Bus for Our Wedding Commute

When I proposed to my girlfriend, I knew that I was going to be involved a lot with the wedding plans. I know a lot of my friends who have gotten married in the past several years have pretty much just let their fiances and their future mothers-in-law handle all of the details, but this was something that we were looking forward to planning together. One of the first things we did was go to http://platinumpartybus.ca so we could make sure that we had a party bus reserved for our wedding day.

We were only engaged for a couple of days at that point, but we were not having a long engagement. We wanted to start the rest of our lives together as quickly as possible. Because it was such a short engagement, we got started on the plans really fast. We knew that we wanted to have a party bus because we had been on a few for past weddings we were part of, and it was just a blast. We knew that we would have the same kind of fun on one for our own wedding. While we did want to celebrate with everyone at the reception, there is just something really special about our closest friends being with us for a short period of time first.

Since we all did need rides from the church to the reception site, it just made sense too that we went together. If the reception was just a mile or so away, we may have had other plans, but it was nearly 40 minutes away. I know that is unusual, but we wanted two very specific sites for each, the wedding ceremony and the reception. We knew our guests would not mind the drive, and our wedding party would have that commute time to help us celebrate the first hour of our marriage together!

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