From Budgets to a New Apartment It is Important to Avoid Money Stress in Married Life

I never thought I would like apartment living. I never lived in an apartment growing up. I did not have a dorm or apartment in college either. I went to school only three miles from the home I grew up in. The daily commute was easy. I rode my bicycle most days. Now as an adult my first apartment experience was when my bride and I looked for Alamo Heights apartments for rent. We picked out a place shortly before we got married. We were both still living at home with our parents when we met, fell in love and got married.

I was afraid of all the changes. There is no shame in that. My wife was too. We had to help each other through all of the adjustments of married life. We both had jobs that paid decent money, so we could afford our new apartment. We had experience paying bills since we both had credit cards and car payments. Plus, we were already paying on our student loans. We were not overextended on our separate budgets, and now we were making sure we were not going to get overextended on our combined budget.

We picked an apartment we could afford. However, we were both excited and nervous about all of the new responsibilities. It turns out we were nervous for nothing. We knew our budget was sound on paper, and we stuck to it month after month. Our first night in our new apartment was like we had lived there our whole lives. It was comfortable and just perfect for us. The transition into this new life was fun and very enjoyable. We had a plan, a budget and were being careful about every step we took. We managed our credit card spending very well, and we worked hard to not go in debt over our heads. It is important to avoid money stress in married life.

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