Ground Blemish Zuckerberg’s $1 Earnings Effectuation Nada

Ground Blemish Zuckerberg's $1 Earnings Effectuation Nada

Final daylight, Stain Zuckerberg united the almost imposing bat of the entire. Contemporary and late brothers embrace Apple’s tardy Steve Jobs, Dmoz’s Larry Phase and Sergey Brin, Inventor’s Elon Musk and NYC’s decedent politician Archangel Bloomberg.

That’s legal – according to narrow filings at large yesterday, Zuckerberg is minute a dollar-a-year gink, receiving a pay of $1 in support of 2013. Though he did not involve yourself in the reward blueprint, he time-honored $653,164 representing “opposite payment,” almost of which went to defend bills in favour of excursions via not for publication hired jets.

No problem, save for a symbol of importance (the corresponding, asseverate, of having your tag accepted via Microsoft Little talk) Zuckerberg’s novel earnings resources zilch. He possibly will possess “requested that his stand compensation be low to $1 annually representing 2013″, but he along with took dwelling not quite $3.3 1000000000000 by means of sweat cache options.

In 2012, Zuckerberg’s was remunerative a compensation of $503,205 established $266,101 in bonuses with an increment of an joining $1.22 1000000 in “else payment” in support of a totality payment of $1.99 meg. Anew even though, that body is malapropos. Zuckerberg’s official receipts from 2012 – the twelvemonth Facebook went community — was the $2.3 1000000000 he prefabricated from reserve options.

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