How to Advertise Online Betting Sites in Italy?

In recent years, sites that offer online betting sites services have multiplied and continue to proliferate, given the great demand of bettors who prefer to bet from home or through the convenient apps developed by mobile bookmakers. The market is dominated by large international companies, but local wagering companies based in Italy have become increasingly popular. For this reason, betting companies increasingly aim at adequate advertising coverage for the demand and the catchment area on Italian soil, historically used to betting. Making the brand known and being visible on all fronts, using online and television channels, are musts for all those bookies that aim to increase the number of subscribers to gaming portals.

Banner and online advertising The world of sport, like everyday life, has undergone several changes with the advent of new technologies: if first the enthusiasts bought sports newspapers or waited for the news to get the latest news, they can now easily connect to the internet and consult the online magazines of the sector, as well as blogs and social pages concerning sport.

It is to these realities that most of the online advertising of bookmakers is aimed, who compete to place, within these betting sites, interactive banners that show the latest promotions, the most attractive shares and markets. Most new users arrive by clicking directly on these attractive banners.

Television spaces are just as important as online ones. If it is true that most bettors are familiar with internet platforms, it is equally true that sports lovers have remained attached to sports broadcasts, especially those on dedicated pay-per-view channels. An excellent publicity stunt that has been consolidating over time has been to create columns within sports broadcasts or during the events themselves (for example between the first and second half of a soccer match) in which shows the latest odds and special promotions, highlighting the bookmaker’s brand and even using the same corporate colors.

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