Right in Front of Your Eyes

I never thought that using a Platinum party bus in Toronto would be a great way to have fun on a weekend, but it was. I’m usually bored on the weekend with nothing to do but sit around the house and watch cooking shows on public television. One of my friends suggested that I take a cooking class since I watch the shows so much, but I didn’t feel like doing that. My friend then suggested that I get a party bus and ride around town sight seeing. Sight seeing in my own backyard seemed like it would be boring, but my friend assured me it would be interesting and give me more enthusiasm.

The party bus picked me up on Saturday morning and took a slow drive through town. I noticed a breakfast restaurant that I hadn’t seen in the area, and since I didn’t eat breakfast before heading out the door, I asked the driver to stop and let me get something from the restaurant. This restaurant was one of those classic diners that uses griddles to cook the food. The smell of sausage, bacon, eggs, and pancakes wafting through the air was enough to get my mouth watering in a few seconds. I ordered a plate with everything and stuffed myself until I could barely move.

After breakfast, I waddled back to the party bus and continued on my drive. I saw people playing around in the local park. One kid had a remote controlled airplane and was flying it around the trees. Seeing the different parts of town helped me gain a new appreciation for it. There had been so much that I overlooked that I became jaded by my own community. I won’t waste my weekends anymore by sitting around and watching television. There’s so much to do outside.

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